Related Arts Synchronous Learning 

          St. Nicholas School’s Related Arts teachers are including Google Meet links in their Google Classroom Stream area in order for distance learners to join their classmates in real time. To ensure access from multiple device platforms, these links can be found in both the top banner area and as attachments to their assignments and announcements. Many teachers aim to provide other opportunities for synchronous learning as well. Information for each Related Arts teacher can be found below.


ART with Mrs. Bohner 
The first 5-10 minutes of class time are the most crucial for instruction and context, so students should plan on attending for at least this duration, though recording these moments should not be a problem for students unable to attend on Meet ( some advanced warning would, however, be welcome!). Should students miss their designated time, I will try to post the introductory video back in the Stream as an attachment to the assignment or activity it introduces in a timely manner for home student access.
Students are welcome to stay in the Meet for the lab portion of class.


SPANISH with Sr. Bertani ([email protected])
All scheduled Spanish classes will include a liveGoogle Meet for virtual students. In addition, posted interactive materials will augment the video chat. Any extra information or assignments will be referenced in Google Classroom Stream posts, so be sure to check it daily.  Please communicate any questions or problems via Google Classroom comments or email. 

Music - Primary Levels 3-7

MUSIC with Ms. Miscio and Mr. Carey
We will offer synchronous Meet opportunities for the duration of each class time appearing on the students’ schedules. Our plan is to share content digitally with Primary Level students via the Classroom Stream. These shared materials will often be interactive, providing opportunities for synchronous learning beyond the Meet camera. Optional “worksheet” materials that accompany a lesson will be provided to supplement our live classes. 
          We will post content to the Classroom Stream by 7 am on the day of the class. If you know in advance that your student will not be attending in real time, it would be helpful to share this with us in advance via email. Engaging in activities is encouraged and expected!  
          Music lessons are offered after school in addition. A registration submission form is found at 

Music - Early Learning Center

MUSIC with Ms. Miscio
Meet opportunities are offered 3 times per week for ELC students. The schedule is in the topmost post of the Stream. Attendance and participation is encouraged!      
        Most of our class is hands-on and interactive with little written material, but occasionally, I may send home items in a packet for pickup.  If there is any digital content, I’ll try to post it on the morning of the class.  
        Posted Meet times allow for handwashing/travel time of the in-person students.  If we are running a bit late in starting, please be patient!  

         Music lessons are offered after school in addition. A registration submission form is found at 


LIBRARY with Mrs. Stephens ([email protected])
There will be an option for joining class via Meet for all scheduled classes unless it is a designated checkout time.  For combined lesson/checkout classes, the Meet will last 30 minutes before ending for in-person checkout. Virtual students who wish to check out books can get in touch with Mrs. Stephens through email to request books to be sent home with school materials. A Readers’ Interest Survey will also be sent to parents of virtual students to be filled out if book suggestions are desired. 
        When projects and/or research are part of the week’s lesson, notification will be posted in the Classroom Stream. A Virtual Library will also be available there, with additional resources for students to explore.


GARDENING with Mr. McCarthy
Garden classes will include a live Google Meet for virtual students at the beginning of scheduled classes. Some days we will stay inside for our lesson and spend the whole class period on Google Meet, but most of the time on-campus students will start our lesson inside and then move outside, at which point we say goodbye to our distanced student friends. All virtual learners have received a Nature Journal and will be given assignments for their independent use.


TECHNOLOGY - Primary Levels with Mr. Carey
All scheduled Tech classes with cohorts havingdistance learners will include live Google Meet access. There will be norecorded Meet sessions, but the SNS Meet Helpline, available from 3:30-4:30 foradditional help or “catch up” opportunities will be offered Monday-Friday untilfurther notice. Teachers and parents may also avail themselves of thisresource. Instructions for accessing the SNS Meet Helpline were included in theemail containing your child’s login information.


KEYBOARDING with Mr. Varner
Using the website, our 30 minute Upper Primary classes can be replicated at home at distanced students’ convenience. On occasion, when an activity lends itself to synchronous learning, it will be announced on the Classroom Stream, and will include a Google Meet link.

Movement - Early Learning Center and Lower Primary

In ELC and LP Movement, distanced students may join their on-campus classmates on scheduled movement days via a posted Meet link, but we also plan on making video demonstrations of games, activities, and exercises available for times when a movement break is needed or more convenient. These videos will be posted on the Google Classroom Stream, along with other suggested activities in document form.

Movement - Middle and Upper Primary

MOVEMENT with Mr. Leckenby
Middle and Upper Primary Movement Classes will include a Google Meet option for the introductory/instructional portion of the scheduled class time for those students who wish to attend synchronously. A table for recording non-synchronous physical activities will be shared with each distanced student in their Classwork, in order to enable students the flexibility to get exercise when it suits their home learning schedules and energy needs. Please remind your child to turn in their Movement tables and then check back for teacher feedback or comments each week.

Please make sure your child has ample opportunities to eat, hydrate, and get physical activity throughout the day so that their contributions to their virtual classes can reflect their best learning habits, as young bodies and minds are easily taxed by extended screen viewing in the same spot.

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