Roadmap to Return

Welcome to St. Nicholas 2020!

Our faculty/staff has been working diligently to provide options for the 2020-2021 school year.  These options include Virtual Learning and On-Campus Learning with the flexibility to move to Distance Learning as needed.  Each of these options will look different in various ways, but the love and support for students will be consistent with the St. Nicholas experience we all know and expect.  

Life on campus will follow recommendations from the CDC, the Hamilton County Health Department and the state of TN, but the culture of the school remains unchanged and the challenges we face will only build more resilience, flexibility and independence in our students.  St. Nicholas graduates have always excelled academically, spiritually and socially, and will continue to do so.




Back to School Q&A

Audio from the Back to School Q&A Zoom meeting discussion on July 30, 2020

Tuition Adjustment
Recognizing that we’re all facing challenging times financially, the Board of Trustees has approved the following adjustments for the upcoming school year: 
The school will apply a $1000 tuition reduction for each student enrolled in Levels 2-7 and a $500 tuition reduction for each Level 1 student.
We will offer two learning options:

  An on-campus option (regular tuition minus the $1000/$500 discount)
            Level 1 at $10,564 and Levels 2-7 at $15,896*

  A virtual option at 25% off the discounted tuition.
            Level 1 at $7,923 and Levels 2-7 at $11,922

*Note: If a certain Level of students or perhaps the whole school is compelled to use Distance Learning for more than 14 consecutive school days, we will apply a 25% reduction in tuition for those days affected until on-campus learning can resume.

Online Registration
Registration forms are available online negating the need for in person registration. Forms need to be submitted before the first day of school. Family data forms are emailed to each family by the last week in July with changes requested by August 10th. 

Phases / Options for School 2020

On-Campus Learning

Students and teachers will be attending school on campus 5 days a week. Social distancing and other precautions will be used to create a safe and healthy learning environment.

Virtual / Distance Learning

Students participating in the Virtual option will be able to participate in real time during selected opportunities each day.  St. Nicholas will utilize the Google Suite for Education in order to facilitate interactions and deliver lessons and feedback. Teaching Assistants will facilitate communication during times that students are not involved in live instruction. This model blends live interaction with teacher-directed activities completed independently.  This option requires parental involvement as well as more independence on the part of the student and family.  Virtual Learning will include the following features:
       Live class streaming for selected whole group instruction
       Opportunities to join small group instruction
       Assignments provided by teachers 
       Teacher feedback on work 
       Chapel viewing in real time
The features described above will also apply if your student’s level transitions to Distance Learning.

Teachers have spent a great deal of time learning how to best reach students remotely and have been trained in using the Google Suite, which we will use at school and for Virtual and Distance learning.  If you choose the Virtual option, your child will remain in this model but can switch to on-campus learning at the conclusion of a session.  If you elect to have your student learn from home during the first session, please let Cori ([email protected]) know by August 5th.  

Culture & Community / Protocols & Campus Info

Phase-in Days

Half days will occur on both Monday, August 17 and Tuesday, August 18 with half the students attending each day. This will allow students to become familiar with daily routines in a smaller group. We will notify you by August 10 which day your student should plan to attend and will be sure siblings come on the same day.  The half days will take place from 8 am to 12 pm and arrival and dismissal protocols will apply.  There will be no early morning or extended school care on these two days.  

Student Groupings

Per CDC recommendations, students will be grouped into cohorts. These cohorts will include approximately 7-13 students, depending on the size of the level. A cohort will stay together for the entirety of the day and will not have classes with students from other cohorts. Fruit Baskets (group changes) will occur after breaks in the school calendar.   


Each student should wear a mask labeled with his or her name to school each day.  
 Students and employees will be expected to wear masks when inside except for designated times. 
 Students will not have to wear a mask when they are able to practice social distancing outside.  
 Please consider sending a second mask with your student so that the mask can be change midway through the day. 
 We recommend having students get used to wearing masks at home before the school year begins.       

Dalton Bus

The bus to Dalton will continue to operate this year with enhanced safety measures. 
 The bus driver will check temperatures before students board the bus. 
 The bus driver and students will wear masks.  
 Students will have assigned seats to account for social distancing. 
 Windows will be open or cracked for ventilation when possible. 
 The driver will clean the bus before each trip. 

Classroom Setup

We are taking numerous precautions to hinder the spread of COVID. All of the strategies outlined below will allow one level to transition to distance learning if there is a positive case within that level. The rest of the student body will be able to continue life on campus. The individual who tests positive will need to stay at home until they have been cleared by the health department. Because the guidance is ever-evolving, we will rely on the CDC, the county health department and the local medical community to continually inform our decisions about quarantining and returning to school for individuals or groups.
It is imperative that we all work together for the greater good and health of our community by avoiding sending any students to school who are not feeling their best. We ask that everyone errs on the side of caution when deciding if a student is well enough to join us on campus on any given day.  Students at home will receive support as needed if the need for quarantine or an extended absence arises.  


A new schedule will be adopted for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. This schedule has been designed with CDC Guidelines in mind and includes the following:
 Every classroom will be empty for at least 15 minutes in between groups to allow for cleaning. 
 The schedule has been designed so that students will still be able to move around campus and have the same exposure to related arts classes. 
 The schedule also allows for more time between classes in each classroom and staggering the beginning and end times of classes within cottages.


 Birthday Prayers will take place on each student’s Live Chapel Day closest to his or her birthday and can be arranged through the Teaching Assistant.  
 Parents will be able to watch via Google Meet. 
 We will take pictures of students on their birthday prayer day and send them to parents. 
 Birthday prayer cards will be mailed to students near their actual birthdate instead of handing them out during Chapel. 
 Parents will be able to watch via Google Meet. 
 In our effort to avoid sharing food, students will not distribute birthday treats this year. 


With the goal of keeping the daily chapel experience as intact as possible while at the same time limiting exposure, we will have a daily chapel which will be attended by a different group of students each day.  
 When a student is not experiencing Chapel in the Chapel space, they will watch Chapel via Google Meet in the classroom. 
 When in Chapel, each individual will be 6ft apart from others. 
 In an effort to limit the number of individuals on campus, parents will not be able to physically attend chapel but will be able to stream Chapel through Google Meets. 
 We are excited that each St. Nicholas student will still be able to benefit from the daily chapel experience whether in the Chapel, in a classroom, or at home.  
 Parents will be able to watch via Google Meet.
 Chapel will begin Monday, August 24. 

Cafeteria Service

In an effort to keep contact at a minimum, we will not have lunch service available at the beginning of the year. We may offer cafeteria service later this year, but at this point students 
are expected to bring their own snack and lunch each day. We are pleased that our Food Service Manager, Barbara Blair, will remain on staff to help with our increased disinfecting needs throughout the school day as well as other needs that will undoubtedly arise.
 Snack and lunch will take place in classrooms or outdoors.
 We are not able to heat food nor can we store lunches in refrigerators. 
 Please make sure students are able to open any containers and or packaging.

Water is available and milk may be ordered (either one or two milks; white or chocolate milk):  MILK ORDER FORM

Water Fountains

Water fountains will be replaced in each cottage with a sensor-activated water bottle filler. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle labeled with his or her name to use and refill throughout the school day.  

Visiting and Volunteering on Campus

Per CDC guidelines, individuals who are not current students or employees will not be permitted on campus at this time.  We regret this rule as we enjoy the presence of parents and family on campus, but realize it’s necessary.

Field Trips

We will not take field trips in the first semester of school but will re-evaluate for the spring semester. 


 Our annual Parent Night will consist of communication from administration and a Google Meet with your student’s teachers.
 Parent teacher conferences will take place using Google Meets for the time being. This will help limit the number of people on campus and provide more flexibility to parents who struggle to make it to campus during conference times. 
 Plans for other school events will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. 


 Desks, chairs, shared materials and frequently touched  surfaces will be disinfected in between each class. 
 Bathrooms will be cleaned every hour. 
 Each night the school will undergo a thorough cleaning. 

We are fortunate to have sinks in our classrooms.
 Students will be given time to wash their hands several  times a day.
 Nurse April will also provide handwashing and other best practice instruction to students throughout the year.

Each student will be provided with a personal supply of school supplies that will be stored in a plastic bag with their name on it. Please feel free to send a plastic (easily wiped down) box for your student to use for school supplies if you prefer. Any materials that need to be shared will be disinfected between 
different individuals using them. 

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