St. Nicholas Book Picnic

Friday, October 14


What:  Book Picnic
When:  Friday, October 14, 2022
Levels 3-7 buy and sell, and Level 2 only buys.

The Book Picnic is a fun activity that has become a beloved St. Nicholas tradition. Students shop for books “yard sale style” by walking around, picking up the book(s) they’d like to purchase and dropping a dime in the cup for payment. 

1. Please have your child go through books at home that they no longer read or enjoy.
2.  Place them all in a reusable tote bag since grocery bags tear too easily. (example: your old ELC bag, reusable grocery tote, etc.)
3.  Bring a Ziploc bag of dimes with his/her name on it.  DIMES ONLY PLEASE.
4.  Bring a cup or small container with his/her name on it. (This will be to collect their money from their “sales.”)
5.  Some levels may use their yoga mats or children can bring a towel or blanket to spread out and sit on.  They will use these to sit on and act as a store front.

Note for Level 2:   Level 2 students will have the opportunity to shop at the book picnic, but they will not bring books to sell.  They will be accompanied by teachers, and will be able to buy books from the primary students. 


•   There will be a collection box for any books students would like to donate to students who are housed in local family shelters.  We will be sure they get delivered to elementary-age readers.

•   In case of rain, the event will be held somewhat compactly in the Chapel/gallery.

•   Students need to select books carefully as they will in fact be bought by another student.  

Since it is a BOOK picnic, software, games, and comic books need to be left at home.

The students will have the option to donate either all or a portion of the money they earn from their sales to the school silver bowl.  Mrs. Miscio will make sure are used appropriately for future service.

Please send these items to school on Friday, October 14.  It really is a great activity and the kids will come home with new books to enjoy!   Thank you for your support!  


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