St. Nicholas Book Picnic

Friday, October 25


What:   Book Picnic
When: Friday, October 25, 2019
Who:    Levels 3-7 buy and sell, and Level 2 only buys.

The Book Picnic is an opportunity for students to  go through their paperback book libraries at home looking for books they do not want to keep.  These books may be brought to the Book Picnic to sell.  Additionally, St. Nicholas students may also buy books they would now like to read or give to sisters and brothers or cousins.

On the day of the picnic, primary level students need the following:
  1. Books to sell.  Using a cloth bag or tote to carry the books to school is a good idea since garbage sacks and paper bags tear too easily. No book can be priced higher than $.50.  
  2. Blanket or beach towel to be the “store front.  It is used to sit on and to display “wares.”  
  3. Box or plastic sack with $2.50 in change so change can be made for purchasers and, of course, used for purchasing. Water is available for a contribution to the library.


There will be a collection box for any books students would like to donate to students who are housed in local family shelters.  We will be sure they get delivered to elementary-age readers.

In case of rain, the event will be held somewhat compactly in the Chapel/gallery.

Student need to select books carefully as they will in fact be bought by another student.  

Since it is a BOOK picnic, software, games, and comic books need to be left at home.


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