Transition to a Traditional Classroom

Row of girls outside after graduation

Because the program at St. Nicholas is unique, parents often have questions about how St. Nicholas students transition to a traditional classroom after they graduate and move on to conventional learning environments.  St. Nicholas students have shown to be exceedingly successful in the standard classroom setting during the years following their St. Nicholas experience.  Their self-confidence and independence support them as they continue their education. St. Nicholas students leave the school as motivated individuals, inquisitive thinkers, responsible learners, and assured leaders, prepared for the challenges of the next phase of their education.

two boys after graduation
two boys and two girls outside after graduation
two girls inside before graduation
two girls inside before graduation
three boys outside after graduation

Level 7 Parents
You’re probably exploring options for your child’s next school. Please remember that parents initiate the process with each of the middle schools. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask either a St. Nicholas faculty or staff member, or someone from the school to which you’re applying, depending on the question. The following information should help answer questions you may encounter along the way.

Applying to Middle School

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