Music Program

Steinway Select celebration - teacher playing baby grand and students singing

St. Nicholas School is the first school in Tennessee to receive the Steinway Select K-12 designation. TO READ MORE

Convincing research shows that incorporating music into an academic curriculum engages minds and promotes learning in the school environment.  Music plays a fundamental role at St. Nicholas, as each day begins with song and often ends by celebrating music in both classroom and lesson settings.  The St. Nicholas music program provides not only a foundation for the appreciation of music as an art form, but also teaches artistic expression through active participation.  Ear-training exercises, instrumental instruction, dance, vocal instruction, and other spacial-kinetic exploration are all components in the St. Nicholas musical program.

group of young children sitting in circle on floor in music class
music class with young students singing and playing instruments

Music at St. Nicholas is multicultural and totally inclusive.  All children learn to sing in a variety of languages.  From opera presentations, through occasional Spanish-music classes, to detailed ethno-musicalogical studies, St. Nicholas offers a truly innovative approach to musical exploration.  And while the music education reflects the school's academic focus, music is also an integral part of daily chapels, talent sharings, and recitals that allow both individual and ensemble accomplishments to shine.

boy playing steinway piano
girl and boy playing violins and accompanied by teacher playing piano

St. Nicholas also offers a variety of after school private and group music lessons. For those who are interested in this service, contact Music Director Kara Miscio. In addition, music and drama programs are offered through the Extended School Program, taught by music and technology teacher Carey Shinbaum.

Music lessons are offered after school in addition. A registration submission form is found at the following link.



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