School Policies

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Welcome to the St. Nicholas family!  At St. Nicholas, everyone is involved in reaching one goal: the happy growth and education of each child. The staff stands ready to assist, support, and lead your child's learning experience. 

St. Nicholas is blessed with a team of people who give generously of themselves for the children. Working together, we can accomplish a year of challenging growth for our children. St. Nicholas School educates pre-school and elementary-age children who are able to work with a high degree of personal independence, creativity and academic performance. This system of learning is accomplished within an environment fostering respect for each child through an understanding of his/her individual needs – intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical.

The Family Handbook is provided as a guide to the school's policies and procedures. Please refer to this document as needed. If you have questions or concerns, contact the school office. 

Family Handbook

To review school policies and procedures download the handbook.  

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School Cancellation Policy

For weather related problems or other emergencies, please be familiar with the following policy:

As soon as the decision is made to cancel school or dismiss early, a text*, voice, and email message will go out to all St. Nicholas parents [home numbers and cell phone numbers that are on file] indicating whether school is to be cancelled, opened late, or closed early. The message will preface with “please hold for an important message from St. Nicholas School.”  Hopefully, the announcement will be made in the afternoon and evening before; however, the announcement will be made no later than 6:45am on the day in question.

The following assumptions will be made.
1.  If St. Nicholas does not open at the regular time, the Early Morning Arrival ESP (before school) will not be available.
2.  Please do not expect to see St. Nicholas closings listed on the local TV/radio stations since we contact our families directly.
3.  BUS RIDERS: in the event of weather related changes in the school schedule, such as late arrival or early dismissal, the bus will not run. The weather varies greatly from area to area and travel can be unpredictable.
4.  Feel free to exercise your own judgment concerning conditions in your area. 

* Recipients MUST OPT-IN for texting service.

To receive text message notifications, text the word, ALERT, to 22300 or visit us at (If you have a text message plan, these messages will be included in the plan; otherwise, standard text message charges apply.)

Traffic Procedures

The school day for all students begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm. All children are placed into cars at traffic time. End-of-school traffic is over at 3:15pm. Any child left after that time is moved to the ESP and the family account is billed for the time the child is in the program. This procedure is for the safe supervision of children. Children must always be signed out of ESP.  Please do not ask for exceptions. This policy is made for children’s safety.

  •  Early Morning Arrival (EMA) is open from 7:00-7:50am at no charge.  All arrivals before 7:50am MUST be signed into Early Morning Arrival by a parent. ( Students are NOT to stay outside or roam unattended.)   Arrival inside the cottage is expected to occur between 7:50am and 8:10am.  (Staff is present in traffic areas 7:50-8:10am.) 
  • From 8:10-8:20am, parents are responsible for making sure student gets to home cottage safely and is recorded as present.  After 8:20am, ALL students must be signed in at office.  It is imperative that there is an accurate daily attendance record. Students not in the cottage by 8:15am are tardy. 
  • ELC/LP must be dropped off outside the ELC building. Teachers and assistants facilitate the procedure. Under no circumstances should a child be allowed to leave a car and walk through traffic line in-between cars.   MP/UP students may get out of cars by themselves at the gym and walk to their respective cottages. Parents may remain in the traffic line and exit to Min Tom Drive. To facilitate traffic, a card with boldly lettered names of the riders is helpful.  Keeping this card on the dashboard of your car expedites the departure process. Anyone who is picking up a child should be aware of the procedure to keep traffic running as smoothly as possible.
All students are picked up outside the driveway to the gym. Please do not break line.  Because of the number of cars entering and leaving the lot, please keep children in cars and do not allow them to get out into any areas that either have cars or might have cars.  Children are not to go directly to a parent or car without  “officially” being released by a staff member.

For OCCASIONAL use when your schedule demands its use:  You may park your car in the spaces close to the road in front of ELC and soccer field and personally go to the gym to ask for your child. Children are not to go directly to a parent or car without “officially” being released by a staff member. Please do not stand by the gym door; rather, waiting by the cafeteria eases congestion.  For child safety, cars are not to enter or leave the area directly in front of the administration building during traffic times. Normal entering and exiting may resume when the barricade is taken away.

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