Technology Program

two boys excited about technology in class

In addition to technological centers or “stations” in their core classes, St. Nicholas faculty begin to integrate the Google for Education platform into their curricula beginning in Level 3. Primary level students are issued Chromebooks managed by the school, which remain on campus. Prior to Lower Primary, the Early Learning Center (including PK3) teachers use the platform largely for parent communications, including announcements, slide show/photo posts, and virtual conferencing via Google Meet. All teachers have convenient access to large display screens, with wireless access for both displaying and streaming content.

Dedicated technology classes with Mr. Carey occur weekly for all primary levels (twice per week for Upper Primary). The original curriculum is focused on the creative use of the tech tools students have available to them, with computer literacy and digital citizenship underlying most activities. These technology classes feature multi-step weekly projects that show students how to make visible their thinking processes and encourage self-control via a “think before you click” approach.

Technology classes are designed to strengthen work habits. The revision process plays an important role in this. As in their core classes, students are expected to respond to teacher comments and make corrections to their digital work. Activities not completed in class may be accessed from a home device, increasing student accountability. Weekly opportunities for extra credit in each lesson allow students to further flex their skills and stretch beyond the minimum expectations in their tech studies.

girl working on iPad
two boys working on computer explorers software

Music technology also plays a unique role at St. Nicholas beginning in Lower Primary music classes via the use of touch screen virtual instruments–both iPads and students’ touch screen Chromebooks–alongside traditional acoustic instruments. The music room’s large digital display and integrated audio system enhance how students interact with music, whether in hearing the playback of their original recordings or following the notation of enlarged musical scores. The use of Google Classroom resources in this context allows ambitious students to practice what they learned on campus from home, though no homework is required.

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