Movement | Physical Education

September 2018

Cathy Harvey and Kevin Leckenby


Early Learning Center
We have had fun playing games to practice following directions and taking turns like Busy Bee. We have played the gallop game to practice locomotor skills and used cones and bean bags.
     Pete the Cat is always a favorite because we love to dance! In addition, we have practiced our kicking skills with soccer and playground balls. We love to see how far we can kick them in the gym and on the grass. It is so exciting when we kick the soccer ball in the goal!


Lower Primary/ Middle Primary
At the beginning of the year, we had fun playing ice breaker games such as the whistle game and “Kay Kay”. We had great weather on our movement swim day and everyone enjoyed the pool.  Relays have been great with groups getting bonus points for following directions and the cones with bean bags. Points were also added for being good sports. Soccer skills and drills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing are just beginning as we kick off a soccer unit.


Upper Primary
Now that we have found our baselines with skills tests, and enjoyed a day of swimming, we move into the lessons themselves. In class, we often use team sports to explore and improve our health and fitness. Our first sport is one with which we are all familiar: soccer. Since every student has a degree of confidence, whether with the play, the rules, or the scoring, it is a great entry sport. Working in relays into the lesson guarantees that everyone gets the maximum amount of fitness training regardless of position they are playing. 
Please make sure your student wears the proper clothes for the class.

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