Music Newsletter

April and May 2018

Kara Miscio and Carey Shinbaum '87

Early Learning Center
In April, we began work on our end of year program, the ELC “Opera”!  This year’s story is Mañana, Iguana based on the book by Ann Whitford Paul.  We have had so much fun dancing, singing, playing instruments and acting out the parts of the story. The children also learned a new song “Do Unto Others,” by Vicki Hancock Wright, for Grandparents and Special Friends Day on April 27.  They performed wonderfully with Lower Primary, and received many compliments for their hard work!  In May, we will turn our attention towards Promotion and the special music that will be presented during that event.  It’s hard to believe the year has gone by so quickly!  The kids have done a great job in music class and have learned so much.


Lower Primary Music Newsletter 
Lower Primary had a busy April. Most of our music classes were spent learning assigned parts for our recent Theme Day program. Each class had one iPad instrumental arrangement to learn, and most had an additional assignment (dance, spoken introduction, props, etc.), while all students worked hard in choir classes to solidify lyrics and melodies. The preparation process is invaluable for young people to experience, as concepts such as repetition, refinement, and acceptance are easily applied to other academic subjects and life lessons.
May brings with it the opportunity to explore musical works which tie in to our theme, but which may not have been suitable for performance. This includes the joyous Gassenhauer (Street Song) by German composer and pedagogue Carl Orff, an oft heard xylophone theme and variations as well as Mozart’s Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling (Longing for Spring). The month’s musical activities culminate with our graduation and promotion choral offering.

Middle Primary/Upper Primary
We’ve enjoyed various instrumental and movement activities throughout the month of April.  Much of our energy was directed towards learning a new piece for Grandparents and Special Friends Day, “What Then, Will God Do With Me?”  by John Atteberry and Suzanna Dolenc Pugh.    The students performed wonderfully and received many compliments for their hard work!  As the school year winds down (where DOES the time go?) we will work on songs for Promotion and Graduation ceremonies.  This has been an excellent year of growth for our students – we are so proud of them!  

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