Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of St. Nicholas School is ultimately responsible for the institution. The trustees honor the school’s history, promote its current functioning and hold it in trust for the future.

A close, working partnership between the Trustees and the Head of the school ensures a positive atmosphere to carry out the mission of the school. The Head is selected by the board as the full-time professional to carry out the educational program and administrative tasks of the school. The Trustees support the Head, enact policies under which the Head administers the school, and monitor performance.

St. Nicholas is an Episcopal school which has its founding and nurturance in Grace Episcopal Church. The board reflects in its composition and maintains in its policies and programs the relationship between the church and the school, as outlined by the bylaws of the school and canons of the Episcopal Church.


Ted Arrowsmith 
Nicki Brock
Rob Card
The Rev. Robert Childers
Linda Elkins
Drew Ermenc
Penny Grant
Angela Johnson
Dallas Joseph

Jay Mayfield '91
Keith McCallie '87
The Rev. Louisa Parsons
Kim Pratt
Jessica Scotchie
Fern Shire, Chair
Shalin Tejani '94
Liz Thompson
Justin Wilhoit '88

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