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March / April / May 2019

Melanie Mayo

young children counting beans

Early Learning Center
      Level 1s enjoyed sensory play time and made a collage of their dream garden from seed catalogs while it was raining.  They also started their basil seeds for Bunny Pots this Easter.

       Level 2s started unique flower seeds for the garden (like Blue Glitter Sea Holly!), made a collage of their dream garden from seed catalogs and learned about vermiculite (“Just a little vermiculite makes everything alright!”).

young chldren planting seeds in the campus garden

Lower Primary

        Level 3s studied popcorn, tasted it and wrote poetry about it.  They are continuing their study of seed growth by growing seedlings in eggshells in their classroom.  They will observe their “tiny greenhouses” until their sprouts are ready to transplant. 

       Level 4s have studied the types, growth and parts of trees.  Ask your Level 4 if they know the parts of a tree’s trunk!  They also learn about rhyming and wrote poems for “unloved animals” like skunks, vultures and mosquitos.

children studying various kinds of plants

Middle Primary
      Level 5s finished their Naturalist study this month and moved on to learn the ABP’s of gardening and what plants need to thrive. We started a plant light experiment in the classroom.  Next month they will dissect a flower and label its parts as they continue to study plant growth and development.

older elemtary studnets working in the garden

Upper Primary
       Level 6s cleared debris from the garden and learned about how herbs and spices shaped our history on earth. They played an herbal game called “Wildcraft” and learned how to read/use a seed catalog. Finally, the students chose our special tomato seeds for 2019 and will soon seed tomatoes in the greenhouse.

       Level 7s made cookies in science and learned how to “boost” their breakfast with brain food like smoothies.  The hands-on cooking and measuring lessons for nutrition class will continue through the end of the semester.  

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