Movement | Physical Education

March / April / May 2019

Cathy Harvey and Kevin Leckenby

Young children jumping rope in the gym

Early Learning Center
      It’s time for a favorite activity with the parachute. We will attempt the following activities with the parachute: the mountain, tent, present, mushroom, and popcorn. Other fun activities include hula hoops, scarves, feathers, climbing, wind wands, and wiffleball.

Lower Primary students sports games in the gym

Lower Primary and Middle Primary
      This spring, we will participate in softball, bowling for dollars, wind wands, obstacle courses, and whiffle ball. 

Lower Primary students sports games in the gym

Upper Primary
      Our continued effort is about to be rewarded. April is time for the President’s Fitness Challenge! Students will run the mile as well as pull ups, curl ups, and sit and reach.

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