Art Newsletter

December 2018

Mandy Bohner '83

      December in the art room can be described in two words: sewing and angels.  Each year, every child at St. Nicholas tackles the art of sewing. For ELC and Lower Primary, the half cross needlepoint stitch (half of an “X”) is used to create an initial – either from the first or last name. Middle and Upper Primary students use a full cross stitch, which is the complete “X.” For most, this is very challenging (and time-consuming), whether it is a new concept or one that is tackled yearly! LP students made Christmas trees with button ornaments, MP students made snowmen, and UP students made reindeer.

     Alongside the sewing tradition is the one of our angels. For every year a student attends, an angel is made. Some of us have a rather large collection at home; for those of you just beginning your collection, these are wonderful snapshots of the children’s artistic progression as the angels get larger, more detailed, and better made in general as the children continue to grow. Finally in art history, students studied Picasso and his pet rooster which inspired work using chalk pastels. UP students also painted ceramic plates after viewing Picasso’s ceramics.

     We hope you enjoyed the holiday gifts and traditions! 

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