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March / April / May 2019

Español Noticias  -  Señora Bertani

Kindergartners working on iPad

Niveles 1 y 2
      En marzo, we practiced el alfabeto in Spanish and in sign language!  We sang a song about our beautiful Earth, En Nuestra Tierra Tan Linda and played instruments and learned movements to go with it in Spanish Music class.  We also sang and played games with “Los Elefantes,” “La Pulga de San José,” and “La Granja” in Spanish Music class.  In Spanish class, students listened and watched as Señora Bertani told and illustrated the stories of Sadko y el Gusli (parts 1 and 2).  En abril, we began learning songs and lines for our ELC opera, La Leyenda del Coquí.  We also began reviewing colors in Spanish in preparation to earn the Spanish sticker for the ELC sticker charts.

Spanish games on floor
Niveles 3 y 4

      En marzo, we wrote and discussed in Spanish the choose your own ending chapter book that we read, Bart Quiere un Gato.  We also did a listen and draw activity with the same book.  Each class had a slightly different version of the story.  They had to listen as Señora Bertani described in Spanish which scenes from the story they were to draw.  Each class created a character, then drew them and colored them.  In abril, each class began creating their own story using one of the characters from our “Character Wall.”

Spanish games on floor

Nivel 5
      En marzo, we continued discussing in Spanish pictures of capybaras and reading our chapter book, El Capibara Con Botas.  We also did a listen and draw activity based on the same book.  Students had to listen while Señora Bertani described in Spanish scenes from the book for us to draw.  In abril, we will receive symbolic monarchs from students who participated in the Journey North project like we did!

Spanish class working on calendar

Niveles 6 y 7
     En marzo, we continued reading our mini-novel, El Ekeko: Un misterio boliviano.  We also looked at pictures of different Ekekos and described the pictures in Spanish.  Everyone was given the opportunity to recite the Lord’s Prayer, El Padre Nuestro in Spanish to earn a maraca pen.  Almost everyone did it!

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