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January/February 2019 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 6 Math and Science
Katherine Coppinger

      In math, students are continuing to work on their independent lessons. This month stations included: calculator computation, tangram and pentomino puzzles, volume, area, perimeter, fraction representations, as well as two science based stations. Students created their own periodic table element and searched for specific rocks and minerals! In Basics, we learned how to find the probability through multiple examples and organized data by finding the mean, median, mode, and range. Fraction work will be the next topic to cover.
       In science, students are becoming geologists. We have learned the difference between rocks and minerals and learned how to identify minerals using specific properties. We will test specific properties next week to determine specific minerals. Students will soon have a rocks and mineral project that they will complete in class! They will be given that information within the next couple of weeks. For STEM, students have created Archimedes Screw, catapults, and  a Valentine’s Day Pinwheel.

Levels 6 Language Arts and Social Studies
Alice Revenig '98

       In Language Arts we finished Cricket in Times Square, Riding Freedom, and Music of the Dolphins.   We are now doing a whole group Literature Circle and are all reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  We are focusing on answering questions completely and using evidence from the text to support our answers.  In conjunction with the reading of the book, which is set in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, each student is working on researching a different artist in preparation for a living museum.  Each student will write a research paper on his or her artist and will teach others about what he or she has learned.  A vast majority of this will be done at school.  We have also started writing to our Level 4 pen pals and are working on a poetry unit.   
        In social studies we had a great time researching and studying Native Americans.  We learned about different ways of life for each tribe and how they adapted to their environments.  We had a great time cooking some Native American foods, making dream catchers, writing stories emulating legends Native Americans would tell, creating totem poles, and much more. 
       We have been staying very busy.  Please make sure your student continues to read at least 20 minutes each night.


Level 7 Math and Science
Catherine Leckenby
       Included in daily plans over the next few weeks will be Fraction Concepts and Fraction Operations.  Instant recall of basic multiplication facts will be VERY HELPFUL as students work with fraction concepts.  Level 7 students have been working on a new science enrichment station at which they will study food and nutrition.  They will research in a book, Eat This, Not That, different popular restaurants and what are some healthy choices at each one.  
       Weekly Basic assignments have concentrated on fraction review:  modeling fractions and mixed numbers, simplifying fractions, finding equivalent fractions, recognizing proper and improper fractions, finding mixed numbers from improper fractions and improper fractions from mixed numbers, comparing and ordering fractions, and finding the reciprocal of fractions.  
       We began our FOSS unit on Food and Nutrition. In this unit we have been alternating weeks working with Ms. Mayo in the garden or learning and eating healthy foods. The other weeks have experimented in class different properties of foods. They understand what food is, what it is made of, and how several nutrient groups contribute to healthful nutrition. The students have become aware of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins as components of food. 
       Our STEM activities have been focusing on variables and we made airplanes and flew them according to different variables as well as making catapults and adding different variables to each attempt!

Levels 7 Language Arts and Social Studies
   Lynne Mulligan 

         Our room has been transformed into Colonial Williamsburg and the children are learning, creating, and making history come alive! Each student has his or her own “shop” and is working hard to research information about the kinds of items the shop owner would have had, the types of services that would have been provided, and the kind of work that would have been done. They are making items to trade and barter as well as learning how the trades interacted with each other. We are all eagerly awaiting our trip to Williamsburg and will be leaving bright and early on Monday, March 18. We are all very excited about seeing the real version of our shops and trades in Colonial Williamsburg, visiting Jamestown, and touring Monticello.  
       The students are all reading books about children from Williamsburg. The books are stories based on the lives of actual young people who lived in Colonial Williamsburg and contain information about the streets and buildings, the jobs and activities, the historical happenings, and the day to day lives of people that we may actually encounter on our trip.   In our Williamsburg stations, the students are creating their own maps of Williamsburg based on the actual layout of the area, listening to music from the 1700s, learning about the lives of people who lived during Colonial times and writing about themselves as if they lived then, and “visiting” sites in Colonial Williamsburg to learn more about them.  

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