Upper Primary Cottage News


December 2018 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 6 Math and Science
Katherine Coppinger

      In math, students have continued to work on their independent In math, students are continuing their lessons and working on their station work.  We have studied geometry and reviewed our terms by creating a Christmas themed geometry star-they all turned out great. In science, we enjoyed STEM holiday themed stations. 

Levels 6 Language Arts and Social Studies
Alice Revenig '98

       November and December has been a great time for readers and writers in Level 6. The students began new literature circle novels. In grammar, we looked at commas and possessive nouns and writing workshop continues with students busy writing stories. In social studies, students made a glossary of geography terms. They used the glossary to create holiday themed maps.


Level 7 Math and Science
Catherine Leckenby
      In math we continue to work on individual plans and finishing up this set of stations. Stations included Cuisenaire Rods, measurement, critical thinking, IXL, and chemistry. In basics, we focused on division patterns, word problems, factors, and spiral review. In science, we conducted an experiment using our knowledge of mixtures and solutions. Students combined food coloring and dishwasher detergent with different types of milk to observe the effects. Also, we have started a unit on Simple Machines which will give the students plenty of opportunities to build and create. One project involved toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, and liter bottles to make an Archimedes’ screw,

      For STEM, students welcomed the tasks of being Santa’s little helper for Christmas. They used items of newspaper, pipe cleaners, and aluminum foil to complete some of the following tasks: Make a ladder to help the elves climb down the chimney, make a feed trough for the reindeer, create a belt for Santa, and design a sleigh that moves and slides. The holiday and engineering spirit was alive in Upper Primary with all the excitement and creations.

Levels 7 Language Arts and Social Studies
   Lynne Mulligan 

November and December has been a great time for readers and writers in Level 7. The students explored literature circle with the selections of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Borrowers, and Tuck Everlasting. The students worked on differentiation between factual questions and open-ended discussion questions as well as having thoughtful discussions about our books. We read The Gift of the Magi and students participated in station activities based on the story. Stations focused on some of the following concepts: finding figurative language in the story, making games that relate to the story, talking about big themes, and discussing the parts of a story - the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 
       The students have been writing creative stories and continue to work on the editing process. They are working on singular and plural possessive nouns and continue our study of roots and their role in making up words. Finally, as the school year wraps up for Christmas break, we spent time learning about Christmas traditions around the world.

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