Middle Primary (Grade 3) Cottage News


November / December / January


Level 5 Math and Science

       We have had a very busy few months in MP. Students are working in math to find the product of whole numbers, and trying out properties of multiplication as new strategies to multiply.  They are also beginning to work on fraction concepts such as writing equivalent fractions using fraction strips and a number line.  We continue to work individually on our daily plans with Basics time focusing on problem solving and computation.  Timed tests continued to be given on Fridays and many students are quickly coming to the end of the multiplication fact tests.  
       Science class has been a blast!  Each student researched information on an owl that was native to our area and created a pamphlet that presents the information they have gathered.  The Chattanooga Nature Center visited us and brought a few feathered friends so the students could get an up close look at the owls they have been learning about.  We also dissected owl pellets and determined what types of animals that the owls eat for food.  
       MP students also has some holiday fun reading the book, How to Catch an Elf.  The students wrote about how they would catch an elf and they also shopped for materials at the “Elf Trap Store” to work with their group to build a trap for an elf.  Counting money, teamwork and fun were the goals of this awesome activity!
       Currently, the students are working on a planet study in science class.  They are researching planets using websites and books and will create a travel brochure and a planet model.  These will be on display in the library at the end of February.   Come by and see them!
      Lessons and Carols was presented by MP the last week of school before Christmas break.  All of the students did a beautiful job!  I was so proud of their hard work and dedication to making the program a wonderful was to send our school of in the holiday spirit!


Level 5 Language Arts

     We have been very busy in language arts! After learning all the routines of Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, our year is moving along in full swing! We are working on reading focus skills and have covered Inferencing, author’s purpose, sequence of events in a story, and cause and effect. We have started our first literature circle book, Bunnicula, as our genre this month is mysteries. We continue to work on writing with a review of subjects and predicates and we are beginning to learn how to correctly write a paragraph. Our reading stations keep us busy with IXL, vocabulary, writing, independent reading, grammar, and word work. We are also working on our reading challenge for the year.

Level 5 Social Studies

     After beginning the year with map skills and learning about landforms, we have begun our study of the United States and each region. We will learn about the history, culture, climate, and natural resources of each region. We are currently in the Northeast Region. We are also sending and receiving postcards to classrooms in every state in the US.   We are excited to learn about other states and hear from students who actually live there.

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