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October 2018 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 5 Math and Science
Shelley Kirkpatrick
      Students continue to work on their individual plans in class and everyone seems to be comfortable with the routine of MP math class.  Our main concentration in October has been subtracting larger numbers with regrouping.  We also started working on multiplication concepts such as arrays, and number lines in our math book.  
Timed tests continue on Thursdays with the practice sheet coming home on Friday afternoon.  Flash cards, multiplication apps/games and the IXL program are all great strategies to help students learn and master their fact fluency.
      In science class, we finished our study of water.  We have completed investigations of the properties of water, surface tension and hot/cold water density.  MP students had a fun visit to the Chattanooga Arboretum and Nature Center to learn about ph and to conduct a pond study.  A lesson from the Project Wet Curriculum titled, Incredible Journey traced a drop of water through the water cycle. Our National Geographic Explorer magazine contained articles titled, Why Birds Matter, The Long Walk and Animal Migration.  These magazines have been sent home with the students to share with their families.


Level 5 Language Arts and Social Studies
Lynda Pritchett
      We continue our journey to remember assignment books and homework, and strive for good quality work! Reading is going well! We have explored different fiction and nonfiction stories. Not only have we reviewed main idea and author’s purpose, we also have taken a look at character and context clues. Our grammar focus moves from nouns to verbs. In writing, we move from personal narratives to expository and descriptive writing. We are also learning to edit our work.
      Please continue to encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes a night as well as take AR tests. We are working hard to reach our reading goals! 

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