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April and May 2018 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 5 Math and Science
Shelley Kirkpatrick
Wow!  How did the year pass so quickly?  MP students will continue to work on their individual plans and stations.  As a group, we have completed an intensive study of multiplication and division of greater numbers.  The students have learned that they really will use those multiplication tables that they have worked so hard on this year!  
As we move toward the end of the year, most students will be very close to finishing their textbooks.  If there are any portions remaining, they will be sent home as summer work to keep skills fresh for Level 6.  Each student should know all addition, subtraction and multiplication facts with speed before entering Level 6.  
It has been wonderful watching them grow in confidence and knowledge during math class this year!


Level 5 Language Arts and Social Studies
Lynda Pritchett
In April, we completed our study of the brain.  We have learned about the different lobes of the brain and that it is an ever growing organ in our body that can be stretched to learn many new things.  We culminated our unit making brain hats that labeled many different areas of the brain.  I hope that your students made it home with their hats – they were so cool!
We are finishing the year in science working closely with Ms. Mayo in the garden and learning about plants and seeds.  We have also been very excited about the arrival of our Painted Lady butterfly larvae!  We watched the metamorphosis from larva through adult and enjoyed releasing the butterflies into our flower gardens here at school.  
Our Bess beetles allow us to get “up close and personal” with some creepy, crawly creatures.  Students will be amazed at how strong they are!  Learning through inquiry is a wonderful thing!
Each student will also research and present a project focusing on a different insect during the last few weeks of the school year.
Finally, thank you for sharing your children with us this year!  Middle Primary is a year of fun and tremendous growth, both academically and socially.  I have truly enjoyed working with this group and look forward to seeing them on campus next year as big Level 6’s!

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