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March / April / May 2019 Curriculum Newsletter

Lower Primary Cottage News    
       We started March off with exploring fascinating women in history. Here are a list of the women we learned about: Jackie Mitchell, Temple Grandin, Alice Roosevelt, Sojourner Truth, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Mia Hamm, Harper Lee, Malala, Christa McAuliffe, Caroline Hershel, Amelia Earhart, and Maria Tallchief. We finished our study with an activity about what makes us strong and created a “Rosie the Riveter” poster. We also learned a lot amount different types of insects and we created group research projects. Come by the cottage to see our amazing posters. We will finish the year off with a study about rainforests and oceans. We will explore maps and learn about conservation. 

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Level 3 Language Arts
Stephanie Marshall 
      Last month, we studied common/proper nouns. We are continuing to discover new vocabulary words each week and incorporate them into our writing. We will continue learning about compound words and contractions, and verb/noun agreement (when to add an “s” to a verb or a noun). We will continue to explore the complicated world of verb endings and the rules that apply (ex. doubling the last consonant; dropping “e” and adding “ing or ed”). 
      We are also working on the mechanics of writing and writing a story in sequential order (our plot) as well editing for accuracy and flow. We have been working hard on our digital stories for our upcoming event: “Share-a-Story” Day. Join us on Friday, May 10th for a great day of celebrating our creativity. We will begin after chapel. The event will last until approximately 10:30. We will have snacks and enjoy some amazing work from your children. We will also have Beach Day that afternoon. 
      Students will continue studying the rule of when to add “es” instead of “s” to nouns. (Ex. dish…dishes; box…boxes)
**Rule to REMEMBER: If the word ends with a “ch”, “z”, “sh”, “s”, “ss”, or “x”…you add ES.***   We will also continue our study of vowel pairs (ex. oo, oa, oi, ee, ea, etc.).
      **Don’t forget to read an AR book and take a quiz each week. Some of us are being hit with “Spring Fever” and are getting out of the routine of reading a book for independent reading each week. Please help me remind your child to read, read, read!

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Level 3 Math and Science
Elizabeth Turner

      Level 3 wrapped up our place value unit and we have been working hard on both two- and three-dimensional shapes.  We have identified and described the attributes using formal geometric language.  No more diamonds.  We now know they are officially called rhombus.
      We have also been studying fractions and can understand halves, quarters, and thirds.  
      In science we did an insect study which included research and a presentation.  We are now enjoying learning about the rainforest. 


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Level 4 Language Arts
Katie McCorkle

      The students have been very busy working on their regions of the U.S. skits. They have practiced their scripts, planned and created props, and will soon perform for their classmates.  I will video these and put them on the class app for family members to enjoy!
The projects and presentations have been really informative!  I am continually impressed with the students’ presenting and listening skills during these presentations.  The last one is swiftly approaching, but most have already presented two times.  Email forthcoming.
The Level 4 students have read a whopping 651 books which was a total of 2,861,419 words just since February 1st!  I am so proud of the students helping the school reach its collective reading goal, so that we will donate money for an underdeveloped area in Africa to have clean water.
     Ask your child to show you a bit of cursive.  They are having fun dabbling in this new skill!

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Level 4 Math and Science
Kat Cantelou

       March Math Madness began with a huge push for “More on top, no need to stop! More on the floor, go next door and get ten more!” Double digit subtraction with regrouping is a big focus in the second semester and we have broken this process down so students can do this independently.  First we check the ones house, do we have more on top or more on the floor? Next, if needed, we regroup and then we subtract. We will continue to practice this skill in the remaining weeks, even working in some three and four digit regrouping as this rhyme works for all place values. We have ventured into exploring new shapes, many students were delighted to learn about nonagon and decagon shapes. Ask your student about these! 
      Recently we have been expanding our concepts of place value by working with numbers in the hundreds and thousands place at stations, as well as reviewing concepts covered in coin week.
Most timely we have been working with time. I challenged the students to look for analog clocks and report back…they are difficult to find. As I explained to the students, you have to know how to tell time off an analog clock, but they will be telling time digitally.

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