Lower Primary Cottage News


October 2018 Curriculum Newsletter

Lower Primary Cottage News    
      Exploration class has quickly become one of Lower Primary favorite class each week. October started off with some AMAZING Tennessee state flag projects. The teachers were so thrilled to see the creativity the children put into the projects. We hope you had a chance to stop by the cottage and take a look. We will send the projects back home soon. 
      Our whole month was spent learning and researching 2 iconic Halloween symbols…..SPIDERS and BATS. We had a great time studying BATS and enjoyed visiting one of our local caves. We used our map skills to locate 10 amazing caves on the map and the globe as we talked about North, South, East and West.  We also discussed the countries and continents where these caves are located. 
      The kids enjoyed working in teams to use QR codes to access various videos about spiders and bats. They wrote reports and shared their information with the rest of their classmates. We hope you have enjoyed our Spider and Bat books. The kids worked really hard and learned a lot while creating a fun book to take home. Next month, we will study different types of Native American tribes and create villages to represent each tribe. 


Level 3 Language Arts
Stephanie Marshall 
      Wow! It is hard to believe that we are already in November and the holiday season is upon us. We have been busy, busy, busy in Language Arts.
      We are reading like crazy!!! It is so great to look around and see the kids choosing to spend their “free” time reading. Every morning, my classroom is filling with kids looking for the next book to read!  
      Just a reminder that your child SHOULD come home with a book that he/she has borrowed from the classroom library for independent reading. You may keep the book at home and return it as soon as your child has finished reading. Each student is asked to read at least one AR book and take a quiz EVERY WEEK!  Students can also read a book from home that is on the AR list. Please refer to the following website regarding how to access Accelerated Reader book lists and numbers from home. Remember that AR reports will come home at the end of every month. http://www.arbookfind.com/ 
      WORD STUDY is in full swing and I am so proud of the hard work each and every students puts in every day.  As always, let me know if your child is having difficulty with any of the word sorts and we will adjust accordingly. 
      Last month we practiced homophones and learned how to sort nouns. We also worked on identifying beginning and ending blends in a word. We learned all about vowel pairs (ee, ea, oa, etc.) and how to identify the sounds (“When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!”.) We will continue working on these grammar skills throughout the year.
In writing, we are still practicing our C.O.P.S. to “patrol” our writing (C-Capitalization O-Order and Organization P-Punctuation  S-Spelling).
      DON’T FORGET about our “Where Do Great Readers READ?” board in the classroom. Send in a picture of your child reading in his/her favorite place so that we can post it on our board. 
      Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Communication is an essential component of your child’s success. A big shout-out to our classroom volunteers for always pitching in and helping our students…and teachers.


Level 3 Math and Science
Elizabeth Turner

      October brought the study of addition and subtraction within 20.  We continue to subitize, use ten and twenty frames, and solve word problems.  We have made so much progress in our daily calendar book and look forward to digging deeper into adding and subtracting next month.  
      In science we studied spiders and bats.  We had an awesome fieldtrip to a cave to see where bats “hang out”.

Level 4 Language Arts
Katie McCorkle
      Wow!  What a fun month October has been!  The kids have been enjoying our “App of the Month” Epic. They are reading so many online books, listening to audible books and some books even have both: auditory as they read along visually.  Due to popular request: we will extend the use of this app. We have continued to enjoy our grammar songs, rhymes and videos.  I’ve had former students tell me particular grammar songs still stay with them.  They are effective! 
     The children had a great time collecting fall leaves and creating a leaf character.  They then named these characters and wrote stories or reports about these characters.  We proofread and edited these stories together and compiled a class book. The children enjoyed reading their literary creations to each other at the Authors’ Table.  I was impressed with the children on the review test for word study!  Keep it up!
      One last note about reading: When reviewing the AR reports that come home each week, it is important to remember to not get too hung up on reading levels.  This meme popped up on one of the education sites I follow and I wanted to share.  Yes, we want children to be challenged, absolutely!  Growth comes from such challenges.  But, it is important to remember that book choice can be the driving force behind children developing a LOVE OF READING.  Simply put by one of our beloved authors, Dav Pilkey, but embodying such an important concept:  "READING IS ABOUT LOVE, NOT LEVELS"

Coming up on November 14: Level 4 Thankful Day Chapel(8:25am) and Reception for L4 parents and students. L4 Parents, please plan tocome to chapel first. After chapel, we will gather with the children in the LPcottage for refreshments, a sharing time and a craft.


Level 4 Math and Science
Kat Cantelou

       A spooky month has come to a close.   We had a wonderful time enjoying the Halloween spirit with a few different math activities. Students were given the option of writing spooky word problems in homework. In stations they solved and colored Frankenstein, Cats and the Bride of Frankenstein. They worked with ordinal numbers in a ghost parade and adding with Jack-O-Lanterns. October was very fun and festive! 
      We began exploring adding with double digits. Students are working towards adding with regrouping. The following rhyme helps students sort if they need to regroup or not. “9 or less, let it rest. 10 or more, carry next door.” So when adding a student will get a sum and decide if the number is one they will need to regroup for or not. This skill will be built upon in the coming months. 

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