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January/February 2019 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 1 Language Arts and Social Studies
Lesa Newberry

      The month of February has been a full and exciting month, and has gone by very quickly!  Level 1's have already made it to the letter Tt! We have been working very hard on our letter identifications, formations, and sounds. Also, continue to work on star words, sight words, color words, rhyming words, and opposites. Please continue to practice these with your child.
       In addition, we have had fun celebrating all of the different holidays throughout the month of February. We predicted what the groundhog would tell us about an early spring. We celebrated Black History Month with enlightening stories and songs with Mrs. Miscio. Thanks to our two special visitors who helped us learn more about fire safety and dental health, For President’s Day, we read the story My Teacher for President. We then discussed the attributes that make a good president, and filled out a paper together that told about the President. The activity was also enriched with us making our own American flags. The students also had a great time preparing for Valentine’s Day! One really fun story was Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse! After reading it, students created their own Valentine’s trees, and wrote what they loved about school. There were wonderful ideas of why students love St. Nicholas.

Level 1 Math and Science
Andi Locander

      February was a month filled with a love of learning! Students started the month off by celebrating the 100th day! We dressed like 100 year olds and participated in activities that helped us build to the number 100.  Our special visitors in February included a dentist, firefighter and dads for donuts for dads.  In math, subtraction was introduced by bowling in the classroom.  Students practiced their subtraction skills by creating a valentines box full of chocolate and then constructing a subtraction problem based on the number of chocolates they chose to eat. Valentines themed addition was used to practice those previously learned skills.  Each day students continue to progress with their calendar books, math journals, coin identification, recording the weather and counting with Pete the cat to the number of days we have been in school.  Math stations have helped to develop various math skills for students and strengthen their knowledge with hands on activities.  
       Science helped us explore the rainforest and arctic habitats.  Students learned the different levels of the rainforest and made their own rainforest in a bottles.  For the arctic, students constructed a book that discussed the various animals that live there.  They also built their own igloo and icebergs.  STEM activities are some of our favorite activities because we get to partner with language arts/social studies.  This month students used their knowledge of the dental health with an egg to learn about the enamel of their teeth.  We also enjoyed building Abraham Lincoln’s log cabin.  Winter has been great and we can’t wait for springtime fun!


Level 2 Language Arts and Social Studies
Kiersten Wilkins

       January has been a great month for Level 2’s! We have worked so hard on our reading skills and have concentrated on word endings (ing), vowels (long, and short), and word families. We had great fun with snow stories and the kids really enjoyed The Snowglobe Family by Jane O'Connor. We made a “snowglobe” with our pictures and the kids loved making silly poses. We have also been trying to write neatly and correctly on the lines of a paper with no uppercase letters in the middle of a word. We have focused on story elements this month by identifying a character, setting, author/illustrator of a story. Don’t forget to read every night and practice your sight words. I am so excited about the progress being made so keep up the hard work! In February, we have worked hard on digraphs (th, sh, ch), and blends (bl, br, fr, fl…) We also have worked hard on distinguishing between sentences that are complete and incomplete as well as ending punctuation. Make sure to point out these characteristics of writing when you read with your child. Encourage your child to study their sight words each night as well as trying to write them independently! I have been so proud of everyone’s progress.  
       January was a great month in social studies as we focused on Martin Luther King Jr.  We also learned about the TN flag and different symbols for TN. The kids had a blast dancing to the TN state waltz, Rocky Top, and songs by TN natives Elvis/Dolly Parton!  In February, we learned about three different holidays…Groundhog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day!


Level 2 Math and Science
Natalie Chatfield

     February has been full of cold days and fun at school. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making addition valentine hearts and doing a science experiment with candy hearts. In science, we focused on different environments of the rain forest and arctic. We made a rainforest from water bottles and built igloos with marshmallows and styrofoam bowls. Dr. Seuss week is always a favorite time in ELC. We celebrated Dr. Seuss week by doing a STEM activity of building Truffula trees with manipulatives and shapes and talked about why trees are important. We also enjoyed a sticky mess of making Oobleck.

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