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March / April / May 2019 Curriculum Newsletter

young children making bottle tornadoes

Level 1 Language Arts and Social Studies
Lesa Newberry

       We have really made a lot of progress throughout the month of March! It’s so hard to believe that we are almost at the end of our Level 1 year!  The Level 1 children have become more confident in their letters, sight words, color words, and rhyming words. I am so proud of all of the progress that they have made! We will continue to review these areas throughout the month of April, as well as, focusing more on phonics and comprehension skills.
      We have been using these skills as we have read fun stories and have done some fun activities about St. Patrick’s Day and the arrival of spring. One particularly fun activity that we did was the reading of the book When Spring Comes, by Kevin Henkes, and created our writing/artwork piece that can be viewed in our hallway. We have also been reading and discussing a few fun nursery rhymes. The Level 1s have really seemed to enjoy these. Level 1s began working on their sticker charts this month and are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!

young children making bottle tornadoes
Level 1 Math and Science
Andi Locander

      March was a lucky month for the Level 1’s! We had a leprechaun cause some ruckus in the cottage this month. He left the students notes and activities throughout the day.  We participated in a directed drawing to try to figure out what he looked like.  Once we discovered he had visited our room….everything was out of place with some frozen pots of gold.  Students had to put their science brains to the test to figure out how to unfreeze these St. Patrick day themed items. It was loads of fun and a mystery!  Students continued to progress through their math stations, calendar/weather books and math journals.  Our Pete the cat counting and recording has now gone into the 100 numerals. We have begun sorting the numbers by counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. 
      Math concepts we focused on were subtraction and money/coins. We made a boat and practiced jumping off the boat to demonstrate our subtraction skills.  Students were able to display their subtraction skills by creating their own subtraction problem using a shark and ocean habitat. Students sorted and graphed various coins based on their value.  Students were able to go over previously learned addition skills by adding piggy banks with money.
     Science was filled with lots of important STEM activities.  We made some Oobleck! Students learned how to grow a potato by planting their own potato and recorded the process over four weeks.  Students used card stock paper and paper towel rolls to build a stable structure habitat for Koala Lou. In addition to STEM students focused on the ocean and desert habitats.  We are excited for what the next few months of school will bring!

young children inside tent with teacher reading book

Level 2 Language Arts and Social Studies
Kiersten Wilkins

       I am so proud of everyone’s progress in reading this year! The kids have worked very hard on their sight words this year so please keep up the hard work and finish out this year on a strong note. Thank you for all of your hard work with turning in your homework this year. Level 2’s are almost ready for Lower Primary!
      We had great fun with Dr. Seuss and Read across America! It is so fun to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday in March because the repetition of CVC words and sight words make reading fun for Level 2’s. We also really enjoyed our green eggs and ham. We really enjoyed working with some poems in March. There are many reading skills to focus on when learning about poetry. We can look at letter and word patterns, rhymes, digraphs and more. 
      We have spent a lot of time the beginning of April learning how to “log-in” and become comfortable taking Accelerated Reader tests. The kids have enjoyed this new challenge and we will try to spend at least one day a week reading individually and taking tests. There will be lots of opportunities for this next year in Lower Primary, so learning the routine of AR now is fun and exciting. We learned about compound words and always continue to review nouns and verbs within our stations and activities in class. We also wrote a class book about what we would find at the end of a rainbow. The kids have loved reading it in our class library!

young children working on STEM project in class

Level 2 Math and Science
Natalie Chatfield

     The Level 2s expanded their knowledge on subtraction. We made a desert themed subtraction activities with snakes and frogs. We learned about money by making a money book, a money tree, and investigated each coin with a magnifying glass. In April we will focus on clocks.
      In science, we used lucky charms to sort, graph and count. The leprechaun brought us “Magic Pots” to do an experiment for some science magic. Students had a STEM activity to make a muffin man based on the nursery rhyme. In April, we will learn about the ocean habitat and animals.

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