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January 2018 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 1 Language Arts and Social Studies
Lesa Newberry

The Level 1 class has come back from the holiday break ready to work! January has been a busy month! We have done some great activities that correspond to “snow” and “winter” books that we have read. One example of this was with Jan Bret’s The Mitten, in which we made our own mittens then cut out the animals, put them in order, and were able to tell the story back to one another. This activity was a lot of fun!
         We learned a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr. also during chapel and in the classroom, as we discussed the importance of showing kindness and respect to everyone. We have also continued to review previous letters, their formations, and their sounds, while also learning about some new letters. The letter “P” was a great one in that we got to learn about penguins and then get to see them at the Aquarium! That was sure an exciting field trip too!  We loved getting to view all of the underwater life, and the butterfly area was just amazing!
        Furthermore, we continue practicing color words, rhyming words, opposites, and star words. Please continue to review these with your child.  We will continue practicing these throughout the month of February as well. Please also remember to help your child choose an item for our letter museum each week. We are looking forward to an exciting month of February!


Level 1 Math and Science
Andi Hannah
Happy New Year! The kids have had a wonderful start to 2018. In the month of January, Level 1 students explored the Arctic and Antarctic. They learned about ice bergs, glaciers, and the animals that live in an arctic habitat.  Students participated in an experiment where they created their own snow.  In math, we began comparing, and analyzing numbers.  They completed January themed math stations that required them to use manipulatives and record information pertaining to addition, tally marks, graphing, numeral order, measuring, estimation and identifying the ten and one’s place.  This month we painted a penguin using shapes and then measured and recorded various lengths and widths of the penguins shaped parts.  Students have prepared for the upcoming 100th day of school by participating in the making of a 100th day quilt that required them to write their name 100 times and create a pattern to correlate with each letter. Our field trip this month was a visit to the aquarium that helped us to explore and visualize animals in their habitats.  Level 1’s are working very hard and are excited about what is to come for the month of February.


Level 2 Language Arts and Social Studies
Kiersten Wilkins

January was a great month for Level 2’s! We have worked so hard on our reading skills and have concentrated on word endings (ing), vowels (long, and short), digraphs (th, sh, ch), and blends (bl, br, fr, fl…). We have had great fun with snow stories such as The Snowglobe Family by Jane O'Connor. We made a “snowglobe” with our pictures and the kids loved making silly poses! The creative writing was so good! We have also been trying to remember to make a sentence complete by adding punctuation at the end!  
        January was also a great month in Social Studies as we focueds on Martin Luther King. The kids enjoyed a slideshow of famous and influential African Americans and had a great discussion of which person they are most like or would like to meet! We ended January on a patriotic note! The kids had a wonderful time using QR codes to learn about many different US Symbols. They enjoyed scanning their codes and watching a short video with facts of different monuments and landmarks. Technology is so much fun!  We can’t forget our trip to the TN Aquarium! The kids were fascinated by the sea creatures and loved seeing the butterflies (especially the Butterfly group!). 
        Don’t forget to read every night and practice your sight words! Just a reminder that sight words will be assessed approximately every other week! I am so excited about the progress being made so keep up the hard work!


Level 2 Math and Science
Natalie Chatfield

January started off with great attitudes and energy for the New Year! We expanded on greater and less than by comparing larger numbers. We compared 2d and 3d shapes. The students absolutely LOVED the different activities we did. First, we made 3d shapes by folding them to make different kinds: triangular pyramid, rectangular prism, square pyramid, cube, cone, etc. They became more knowledgeable on how many faces and sides the shapes had, while learning why and how these shapes are 3d. The next activity they participated in was a STEM activity.  The students had to compare and contrast 2 and 3 dimensional food shapes while using kinesthetic strategies. Of course, we ate the food afterwards!
        In science, this month, we discussed hibernation. We talked about which animals hibernate and why! Groundhog’s Day was a popular topic and students made hats to celebrate Groundhog’s Day on February 2nd.

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