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October 2018 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 1 Language Arts and Social Studies
Lesa Newberry

      Level 1 children have had a wonderful month of October! They have continued to do a great job with their letters, ABC journals, and handwriting books. We made it to the letter Hh just in time for Halloween, so we had many fun activities and stories that we were able to incorporate around this letter! One specific example is when we read the book H is for Haunted House.
      The students were able to listen to and discuss the story, write about their own haunted house, and then create their own haunted house, adding details with their fingerprints. We also read Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin, and were able to create our own pumpkin collages.
      Our “in-house” field trip all about apples turned out to be a wonderful day! We were able to taste several different types of apple foods, read apple stories, play apple games, and make beautiful apple prints. It was bushels of fun!!!!During class time, we have continued to work on star words, sight words, rhyming words, and opposites as well. Please continue to review these with your child.We are looking forward to an exciting month of November!

Level 1 Math and Science
Andi Hannah

          What was brewing in October!

      October was a spooktacular month for Level 1’s!  The month started off by planting, picking and painting our magical pumpkins as a group.  In math we learned how to count using tally marks, graph information, and classify objects.  Science was filled with learning about mammals, reptiles, the solar system, heat, day, night, and bats.  We created our own bats then practiced measuring using pennies, paper clips and candy corn.  Students also created their own owl and night time scenery then tally marked the various items included.  Students voted yes or no to liking spiders, created a graph and then used tally marks to record the group results.  

      This month students participated in a STEM activity called “Stuck in the Mud.” They had to help Otis get the cow out of the mud by using suction and force. Math and language arts combined to let students review the letter I and measure out ingredients to make their own ice cream. We ended the month carving a pumpkin using our shapes and measuring the pumpkin with various sizes of string. Students concocted their own witches brew by subitizing with dice and then adding the ingredients that matches the number that they rolled. It was a fantastic month for us in Level 1!   


Level 2 Language Arts and Social Studies
Kiersten Wilkins

      October has been a full and fantastic time in language arts and social studies. We have had fun with all kinds of activities. We learned about Christopher Columbus and read The Country Mouse and the City Mouse to discuss the differences between the city and the countryside.
      Fire safety month is always fun in level 2.  Firefighters visited our school and we learned more about the importance of having a fire safety plan with our families. I hope you enjoyed talking about this during your homework. We enjoyed our “Fire Safety scavenger hunt” to find smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and more in our building! 
      This past month we have worked hard on sequencing stories by using ordinal numbers and next, then, last. We are also learning to summarize stories by Beginning, Middle, and End. Try doing this at home when you read! CVC (Consonant, Vowel, and Consonant) words are still a huge focus and we are playing all kinds of fun games to read CVC words more fluently! Ask which game your child likes better, “make it real,” or “roll, complete, and color.”
      Everyone is doing a fantastic job practicing sight words. Keep your old lists to review and try to point out the words as you read. Thank you for all your hard work each week and staying diligent with your studying!
      Our month concluded with Halloween, pumpkins, and spiders. We enjoyed making spider webs after reading, The Very Busy Spider. It was a great fine-motor activity. We also got to enjoy magic pumpkins. The kids had a great time planting, picking, and painting them. Even though our first field trip was canceled due to weather, the apple party was such great fun and the kids had a special morning. Finally, thank you to all the parent volunteers who made the Halloween party special and fun for all of our kids!  We appreciate all you do.


Level 2 Math and Science
Natalie Chatfield

     October was one busy month! I’m officially back from maternity leave and so excited to teach! In math, we learned about tally marks, place value, shapes, and sequencing numbers. The students had a blast learning these topics. We made place value pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. The students sorted and graphed Halloween candy to learn about tally marks and sequence counting. We will continue to learn about numbers throughout the year by doing numerous fun activities!
      In science we germinated lima beans and observed them growing for a week and used Model Magic to make our own planets. We made 3d pumpkins which illustrated the lifecycle of a pumpkin. For a fun science experiment, we observed candy corn in water, salt water, and water and baking soda. Then, we investigated and carved a pumpkin by using our math skills. By combining with the Level 1’s, we made coke floats and blew bubbles for the 50th day celebration. I’m so happy to be back with these children! We are just getting started with fun activities and learning.

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