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April and May 2018 Curriculum Newsletter


Level 1 Language Arts and Social Studies
Lesa Newberry

It seems like we just began our Level 1 year, and we are already ready for the month of May!
The month of April was very exciting for Level 1 students! We celebrated the coming of Spring with several exciting stories and activities. One specific story that we read was When Spring Comes, by Kevin Henkes. We then did a writing and illustrating activity to identify the characteristics of this season.
Another fun event in April was a visit from Mr. Mann. He comes to our school every year and does presentations with students in all of the levels. The children really enjoyed his stories and poetry about insects!
Also, we had an in-house field trip from the Creative Discovery Museum. They set up fun and educational stations for the Level 1’s about different types of animals and insects.  What a great field trip that was!
During the month of May, we will complete and review previously learned letters of the alphabet.  We will also review color words, rhyming words, and opposites.  Please continue to work on handwriting and phonics skills with your child.  Also, reading and discussing stories with your child is very beneficial to improving comprehension skills.
May you all have a wonderful summer, and please keep practicing all of the wonderful skills that you have learned!


Level 1 Math and Science
Andi Hannah
Spring is here! We started off the month of April with our camp out.  Student were able to get the feel of camping while doing various activities on campus.  In math we have learned about telling time.  Students created their own lady bug clock.  They also worked with the level 2’s to make a timeline of our day.  We continue to work in our calendar books and math stations.  In science we continue to learn about ocean animals and have begun exploring ways to protect the earth.  With the end of school drawing near we have many activates planned for the month of May.  Students will learn about shapes, the plant cycle, and the tadpole cycle and will continue to build on concepts learned previously.  Students are excited to practice for their opera production and promotion day.  They are looking forward to having field day, beach day and Level 1 sand/water day. We are excited for what the future holds!


Level 2 Language Arts and Social Studies
Kiersten Wilkins

This has been a fantastic year of reading and learning! We had a great time in April learning about Nursery Rhymes and writing our own fractured (silly!) versions of Hey Diddle, Diddle and Humpty Dumpty! We have also had lots of fun with a new writing activity called, “See, Think, Wonder.” This is where we look at a picture of something, usually from the past and brainstorm ideas of what it could be, or is used for! The ideas are so creative and really help challenge our brains to think outside of the box!
The campout was incredible! We enjoyed camping stories and activities the whole week, made s’more playdough, read poetry, and even experienced reading inside the tent in our classroom! We have really enjoyed our Earth day activities and love playing different sorting games and coming up with ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle!
We will finish our year with a review lesson on past/present, fairy tales, Grandparent’s Day and of course, the ELC opera!
May is a busy month in the ELC as we work hard on reviewing and applying all the language skills we have learned this year! We are writing 3-5 sentences as we follow writing prompts in the classroom. The children will bring their handwriting workbooks and journals home over the summer! Feel free to use them as you can! Don’t forget to take time to read each day! We will send home a summer reading list as well as a summer skill practice calendar. This is similar to our Homework Calendar and it should be a fun way to pass the time during the hot summer days ahead! Be sure to turn it back in to me next fall for a special prize! Thank you for a wonderful and memorable year!


Level 2 Math and Science
Natalie Chatfield

The month of April came and went so quickly this year! We had a busy month of Math and Science.
In math, the students learned about money/coins, clocks, and fractions. The students used place value manipulatives to help them count coins. We used fake coins to identify the attributes that make up a coin. The students also played games and used puzzles to help them classify coin values! They also made a money booklet that identified the coins as they flip the pages! (They still have these in their cubbies because we are going to talk about money throughout the year!) Clocks were a big hit with the kids this year! We made analog clocks that the students could reference during their centers. We hung times and pictures in the hallway to show different classes they go to throughout the day! We also worked in our math journals and they showed the digital time in each box! Finally we learned about fractions and how we use them in everyday life! We learned there is a numerator and a denominator. We learned about halves, wholes, thirds and fourths. They made fractions by cutting out shapes and making a picture by using those shapes. They drew their own pizzas and made a fraction out of how many pieces they ate!
This month in science, we learned about the ocean, earth day and animals in the ocean. They made a booklet of the many different animals in the ocean! We also talked about why it is beneficial for animals to live in the ocean and why some of them are actually mammals! For earth day, the students made a flipbook and learned about how we can preserve the earth by recycling, using less water, and picking up trash! We also had camp out at school and they had a fantastic time making s’mores, crafting, and taking a hike!
May will be a busy month for ELC! We will be reviewing previously discussed topics. We will cover place value, fractions, clocks, addition, and subtraction!
I cannot believe this year is almost over! What a wonderful year this has been!

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