Art Program

large group of students painting at art tables
girl working on sculpture
boy painting tree
girl working on sculpture
boy making stamps in art class

All students, Level 1 through Level 7, receive instructional and practical art education within a program adapted to their differing maturational and developmental levels. The art program emphasizes building confidence and developing skills. Students use both two- and three-dimensional forms to express their ideas. Through repeated art experiences in drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, ceramics, and fiber arts, the concepts dealing with principles of art and elements of design are identified and explored.

two girls painting in art class

group of boys painting out on the grass

The goal of the art program is always the development of an appreciation, not only for student-created work, but for artistic heritage and for the great works of art. At each level, students learn about art from different cultures and times. Additionally and whenever possible, art activities are integrated into and are correlated with classroom curriculum.

boy painting in art class         two girls painting outside         very young child making sculpture

Children have the opportunity to develop their own ideas and to solve problems creatively in art classes. They not only produce art but also learn about its history, aesthetics and evaluation. At all levels, children work on painting, drawing, color theory, ceramics, sculpture, and collage. At St. Nicholas, art is hands-on and experiential where children are encouraged to express ideas and concepts in a visual and tactile manner.

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