Early Learning Center Program

Preschoolers work with flour creations

The St. Nicholas Early Learning Center is a singular and an exciting place for a child to begin the educational process.   The pre-K and kindergarten years are important in forming a child's view of school and learning. In the Early Learning Center, children who are developmentally appropriate for pre-K (Level 1) and kindergarten (Level 2) are brought together in an innovative learning community.

An academically-based program, the Early Learning Center provides a dynamic balance between nurturing and independence, between directed activities and individual exploration, between large group and small group experiences.  St. Nicholas has a knowledgeable team of teachers who are early learning professionals.  This team works collaboratively to guide and engage students through this initial learning experience. In a context of hands-on, experiential learning, these young children develop strong skills in academic areas as they acquire self-confidence and discover the art of working together as a community. 

Early learning teaching specialists enhance the learning process through art, science, music, physical education, foreign language, library skills, and technology.  At each age level, themes ignite curiosity and allow children to explore their many talents.

In the early learning environment, respect, responsibility, creativity, and discovery lead to a lifetime love of learning.

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