Episcopal Education

Students in line at St. Nicholas School graduation

“An Episcopal school, and especially St. Nicholas, provides a sound and thorough educational program. Children are directed towards a life of learning, leadership, and service. The Episcopal educational tradition emphasizes love and respect for all humans, moral integrity, spiritual growth, compassion, and responsibility. Our students mature as good stewards of the world and as good neighbors of all souls in need. Without question, St. Nicholas students know they are beloved children of God.”    
                                                                 - - The Reverend Janice Robbins, Chaplain Emeritus

What is an Episcopal School?

An Episcopal school is comprehensive and inclusive.

The Episcopal Church encourages respect for the belief traditions of others. 

At St. Nicholas, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed or national origin. We value faculty and students of diverse heritages and customs because we ardently believe St. Nicholas is strengthened by unique and diverse perspectives. Because we wish to be broadly inclusive of the community we serve, we value and respect differences. Most importantly, St. Nicholas looks for the values and ideals that unite people as opposed to those that divide.

The Reverend Janice Robbins, Chaplain Emeritus

The unity of an Episcopal school is based on rite and tradition.

At St. Nicholas, every member of the St. Nicholas community gathers daily to worship God. During the chapel service, we sing, pray and contemplate our life together with God and our neighbors. At St. Nicholas, we believe God makes sacred the things of this world as they are offered to God in worship. 

An Episcopal school values reason as a way to true understanding.

At St. Nicholas, we cultivate a love of learning and pursue it with openness of intelligence and energy. St. Nicholas’s certain and comprehensive educational approach provides the most assured means through which understanding and knowledge can be acquired. 

An Episcopal school has a concern for the well being of society.

At St. Nicholas, we help children understand they do not exist apart from society but alongside a greater society. St. Nicholas students understand the struggles and concerns of others, and they learn how their actions and responses can impact those facing such societal issues. At St. Nicholas we foster a spirit of compassion and generosity, using our talents and resources to effect change and build community. 

An Episcopal school is founded on love.

Love for students, for their value as children of God, and for their unique gifts is the foundation of a St. Nicholas education. At St. Nicholas, love is central to our educational program because we believe we must act out of love, teach love, model love, and love one another.

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