Technology Program

St. Nicholas School holds the belief that technology is a valuable and powerful tool that enhances the school’s mission of educating the minds and hearts of the students entrusted to its care and of instilling in them habits of lifelong learning.

Members of the school community are expected to be ethical in their use of technological resources, respect themselves and others, and follow all applicable rules and regulations for using those resources. The skills and perspectives developed at St. Nicholas School need to serve our students as they step out into an increasingly complex information society.

As it welcomes the challenges of the Information Revolution, St. Nicholas School remains committed to academic excellence and to the nurturing of decent, loving, and responsible human beings.


1. I understand that access to technology is a privilege.
2. I will never move, delete/add to, rearrange or rename anything on any piece of technology.
3.  I will never access Settings, Control Panel and its icons without direct permission to do so.
4.  I will never adjust any setting on a computer without direct permission to do so.
5.  I will only access those sites that are designated by teachers and I will only access them after having received permission to do so.
6.  I will never go online without direct permission to do so.
7.  I will never access my own personal email.
8.  I understand e-readers may be used for reading as long as they are in airplane mode. Books need to be downloaded at home.  I understand that they are for reading use only; movies, games, etc. are for home use.
9.  I will always handle any item of technology carefully - returning it to storage unit, watching for cords, placing the device firmly on surfaces, closing covers, always handling it gently, and being respectful of its fragility.
10.  I understand that having access totechnology is a part of my education and should I interfere with its being used properly, Iwill lose access.
11.  I understand that Iam on my honor to be worthy of the trust put in me.



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