Book Fair

The  Book Fair to benefit the Stanyarne Burrows Library is held two times each year in the Fall and Spring. Students are given time to shop with their class in the book fair store during the week by bringing a voucher sign by parents.  See the voucher for shopping times.   STUDENT VOUCHER DUE APRIL 5 !

  • The Book Fair opens Monday, April 10
  • Book Fair closes Friday, April 14

Online Shopping is available
APRIL 5-18 
Click link here: St. Nicholas Online Book Fair

Preview our Book Fair; find additional books at the online site.  

  1. Check out some of the popular titles you may find at our Book Fair*.
  2. The previews include book descriptions and special features like author video clips and reading levels.
  3. *Remember that not all books are available at all Fairs. 



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