Planned Giving

In 2000, the Legacy Society was formed to honor those who have provided for St. Nicholas through a provision in their estate plans. By becoming a member of the Legacy Society, you are securing St. Nicholas’ future and leaving a lasting gift to the school. If you would like to become a member of the Legacy Society, please notify the school that you have made a provision for St. Nicholas in your estate plan.

Support St. Nicholas School and receive benefits, too!

Planned Giving is an exciting approach for those individuals wishing to leave a lasting legacy to a special place. The long term nature of a planned gift provides a legacy on which St. Nicholas can rely for current needs and future plans.  More importantly, a planned gift can ensure that St. Nicholas is able to educate, nurture, and encourage future generations.  Effective financial and estate planning combined with charitable giving can create significant savings now and in the future.  A planned gift can offer benefits to donors that complement an overall financial plan. 

There are a variety of ways to realize the benefits of planned giving.
Listed below is an overview of the various options that we hope you might consider:

Cash gifts to St. Nicholas School are fully deductible, up to a maximum of 50% of your adjusted gross income. For example, if your adjusted gross income for this year is $50,000, you may deduct up to $25,000 of charitable gifts. Any excess amount above $25,000 can generally be carried forward and deducted over a period up to five subsequent years.

Your residence, vacation home, farm, land or vacant lot may have appreciated in value over time, creating a capital gains tax burden when you sell, Gifting this property to St. Nicholas School would help you avoid the capital gains tax while receiving a charitable deduction for the full market value of the property.

Appreciated stock generally offers two tax savings opportunities; you avoid capital gains tax on the increase in the stock value, and you receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock based on the date of the gift.

A Life Insurance gift can provide you a significant charitable deduction. You may choose to purchase a new policy or donate a policy you already own but no longer need. By designating St. Nicholas School as both the owner and beneficiary of the life insurance policy, this qualifies you to receive a charitable deduction. We recommend you check with your insurance agent for details.

A Charitable Remainder Trust can be funded with cash or appreciated property. This trust enables you or a beneficiary to receive income from the assets for life or a set number of years, qualifies you for a charitable deduction and also saves on capital gains and estate taxes. Following the termination of the trust, the remaining assets are paid to St. Nicholas School.

A Charitable Lead Trust allows you to pass assets on to your children and grandchildren with little or no estate gift taxes. The way it works is you transfer assets to a trust which makes payments to St. Nicholas School for a set number of years, and then the assets are transferred to your heirs. This gift vehicle may appeal to those in the top estate and gift tax brackets.

Bequest gifts may be made either by will or through a living trust, and may be of a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. We could also be named as a remainder beneficiary to receive funds after specific sums have been paid to other beneficiaries. You can easily add St. Nicholas School to your will through a codicil which is an addition to your existing will.

For more information about planned giving opportunities to St. Nicholas School, please contact:
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