ESP Policies/Fees

1.    Early Morning Arrival (EMA) (from 7:00am to 7:50am)  Parents are required to escort their children to the ESP area and sign the proper EMA forms when using this service.  Failure to do this may result in unavailability of the program.

2.    ESP - After School Program [Phone: 423-894-6485] closes promptly at 6:00pm. Children cannot be kept past this time. In case of extreme emergency, a parent must call the center in order for the child to remain past closing time. A fee of $2.00 per minute will be imposed for children kept past closing time. For your child’s safety, please arrive before the 6:00 p.m. deadline. Please be considerate of staff employee time. It is possible that staff members have personal schedules that necessitate their leaving. Abuse of the policy will necessitate additional fees and/or non-admittance to the program, based on director’s decision.

3.    All ESP-After School Program enrollment forms for the child must be completed by the parent.

4.    For occasional use of ESP-After School Program :  Enrollment forms must be on file in order to use ESP. For irregular attendance, it is helpful to send a note to the division teaching assistant; the note alleviates much anxiety on the part of the children.

5.    For occasional use of ESP-After School Program at noon dismissal: Enrollment forms must be on file in order to use ESP.

6.    ESP Conference Care:

  • For use of ESP-Primetime during conference:  for safety’s sake, no child may be left on school grounds or in a cottage unattended by a staff member. All unattended children will be sent to ESP and the account will be charged.
  • Drop-in Conference Care is available at no charge during the specific time of the parent conference. Registration is requested. Space for students without reservation is not guaranteed.
  • All-day Conference Care is available at mid-year and end-of-year conferences by reservation only and is at the regular rate of $4.50 per hour. Students enrolled in one of the Annual Plans are not charged an extra fee on conference days.

Additional Extended School Program Policy Information
Also ... see Policies Specific to 
Early Learning Center

ESP- Primetime Fee Schedule
Hourly Plan: $5.00 per hour
The fee for the hourly plan will be calculated based on the number of hours a child
is in ESP multiplied by the hourly rate. Hourly rate: $5.00. Minimum rate is $5.00.
This plan applies to occasional/drop-in use.

Annual Plan 1: $2500 annual payment
Annual Plan 2: $280 per month [Nine (9) month program]

The academic year begins August 18, 2015, and continues through May 26, 2016.
Annual Plan fee is a fixed amount regardless of the time a child spends in the program
or the number of school days in a given month. This plan is designed for budgeting convenience
and offers significant savings over the Hourly Plan.
Registration Fee: $10.00

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