School Cancellation Policy

For weather related problems or other emergencies, please be familiar with the following policy:

As soon as the decision is made to cancel school or dismiss early, a text*, voice, and email message will go out to all St. Nicholas parents [home numbers and cell phone numbers that are on file] indicating whether school is to be cancelled, opened late, or closed early. The message will preface with “please hold for an important message from St. Nicholas School.”  Hopefully, the announcement will be made in the afternoon and evening before; however, the announcement will be made no later than 6:45am on the day in question.

The following assumptions will be made.
1.  If St. Nicholas does not open at the regular time, the Early Morning Arrival ESP (before school) will not be available.
2.  Please do not expect to see St. Nicholas closings listed on the local TV/radio stations since we contact our families directly.
3.  BUS RIDERS: in the event of weather related changes in the school schedule, such as late arrival or early dismissal, the bus will not run. The weather varies greatly from area to area and travel can be unpredictable.
4.  Feel free to exercise your own judgment concerning conditions in your area. 

*Recipients MUST OPT-IN for texting service.
To receive text message notifications, text the word, ALERT, to 22300 or visit us at (If you have a text message plan, these messages will be included in the plan; otherwise, standard text message charges apply.)

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