Program Summary

Early Learning Center 
The St. Nicholas Early Learning Center is a singular and an exciting place for a child to begin the educational process.   The pre-K and kindergarten years are important in forming a child's view of school and learning. In the Early Learning Center, children, who are developmentally appropriate for pre-K (Level 1) and kindergarten (Level 2), are brought together in an innovative learning community.  Read More

Primary Levels
Primary Levels include Levels 3 through 7, or grades 1 through 5. When the children move into the Primary Levels, they are prepared for the new challenges they will experience.  Students are introduced to new concepts, new responsibilities, and new expectations.  Children are asked to accept responsibility for a task, working from beginning through completion.  They will begin to understand the importance of independent work as they undertake activities at stations in the classroom and as they work collaboratively in group situations.  Read More

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