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Founded in 1958
St. Nicholas School is an independent Episcopal day school for children, grades preschool through five. We began as a neighborhood preschool program at Grace Episcopal Church. Our programs expanded significantly in the early 1970s with the establishment of the Early Learning Center and with the addition of elementary grades. The first class of sixth graders graduated in 1978, and the school became separately incorporated in 1981.
Religious Affiliation
St. Nicholas is founded on the principles of the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal educational tradition emphasizes love and respect for all humans, moral integrity, spiritual growth, compassion, and responsibility. Because we wish to be broadly inclusive of the community we serve, we value and respect differences. Most important, St. Nicholas looks for the values and ideals that unite people as opposed to those that divide. We welcome students, faculty, and staff from all religious and cultural backgrounds. 
St. Nicholas School nurtures each individual's intellectual, social, and spiritual growth in order to develop independence, a love of learning, and a commitment to service.
St. Nicholas enrolls students from a variety of racial, religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. Our teacher-to- student ratios are 1:11 for younger students and 1:18 in the higher levels.
Campus and Facilities
The campus is located on 24 picturesque acres in suburban East Brainerd in Chattanooga. We moved to this new campus from Grace Episcopal Church in the summer of 1994. Facilities include six buildings, four of which are “cottages” where classes assemble. The campus has four playground areas and an athletic field, surrounded by rolling lawns and quaint forests that create a secure and safe environment.
Our comprehensive curriculum ensures that the St. Nicholas educational program is unparalleled in content and approach. In all areas, St. Nicholas students meet or surpass national standards and benchmarks. Core subjects include language arts, social studies, math, and science taught daily in small classroom settings that encourage investigation, inquiry, and collaboration. Interdisciplinary studies are also central to the course of study. Language arts is coordinated with social studies, and science education is blended with mathematics. Foreign language, music, physical education, and art are woven throughout the curriculum while technology is integrated across all disciplines.
Enrichment Classes and Summer Camp
Enrichment classes and Summer Camp are available to St. Nicholas students through the Extended School Program (ESP). The ESP offers parents the option of dropping children off as early as 7 a.m. and picking them up as late as 6 p.m. In the afternoons, we offer optional enrichment classes which include: cooking, music, arts and crafts, and sports instruction to name a few. Enrollment is often limited and dictated by a child’s age, and there is an additional fee for each class. For more information on our Extended Day Program, Enrichment Classes, and Summer Camp, please visit our website.
Financial Assistance
Families who feel they need assistance in funding a St. Nicholas education are encouraged to apply for financial aid.
All decisions relative to financial aid are made independent of the admission process and will not impact in any way a child’s possibility for admission. The St. Nicholas financial assistance program is open to students of any race, gender, color, and national or ethnic origin. Application forms for financial aid can be obtained through the St. Nicholas business office or on the school website. The deadline for filing a financial aid application for consideration in the first round of allocations is the first Friday in February.
Standardized Testing
Students at St. Nicholas begin taking standardized tests in Level 5 (third grade). This continues in Levels 6 and 7. In the fall the students take the Stanford Achievement Test and in the spring they take the Comprehensive Testing Program 4 (CTP4) produced by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB).
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